Namied Service-Patent


In the past 10 years, Namied has accumulated enough experience and built a strong and professional patent team to serve clients in this aspect. Namied is good at pointing out business direction and preventing risks for clients with excellent patent technical analysis, helping clients dig, analyse and protect their own IP.



> About Patent
   Patent, in some countries also refer to design and invention, provides exclusive rights to the right owners, which allows them to use and exploit their products. For most companies, this monopoly is the main reason for registering patent. Patent lays a solid foundation for business success, however, it can also have many other advantages. Patent application has regional limitation. That means although your patent has been registered in other countries, you may need to do patent application in China if you would like to enter this big market.

> Why apply for patent: 

  • Brings additional protection to your product
  • Earns you competitive advantage
> What we can do for you:
  • Patent pre-filing search and consulting, patent mining, patent drafting, and related services;
  • Invention, Utility Model, and Design patent applications in China; Paris Convention, PCT application, and national phase of PCT application into China;
  • Patent Re-examination request, invalidation request, response to office actions, and administrative appeals;
  • Patent-infringement-related administrative investigation, enforcement, and litigation;
  • Consultation of patent/proprietary technology assignment and license trade, participation in negotiation, drafting of technology trading contract, and related legal services;
  • Consultation on patent protection, novelty, legal status, and other patent-related matters.