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With more than a decade's development, Namied is widely regarded as one of the firms with the most trustworthy trademark practitioners. From the aspect of market competition, Namied focus on the retrieval analysis before application and the brand construction all over the world, offering one-station service from planning, applying to right protection, etc.


>Regulations of Chinese Trademark Law about Foreigners Applying for Registrating a Trademark in China: 

  • Article 17 Any foreigner or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark in China shall file an application in accordance with any agreement concluded between the People's Republic of China and the country to which the applicant belongs, or according to the international treaty to which both countries are parties, or on the basis of the principles of reciprocity.
  • Article 18 Any foreigner or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or for any other matters concerning a trademark in China shall entrust any of such organizations as recognized to be qualified for trademark agency by the State to act as his or its agent.

> Why register trademark in China: 

  • Occupy the largest comsumption country in the world
  • Protect your brand & Prevent squatting
  • Crack down on counterfeits

> Why choose us: 

  • We offer the most competitive price in China with high-quality service
  • We offer one-station service including trademark research, registration and re-examination if refusal happens
  • We dedicated to keeping the highest pass rate of China trademark registeration
> What we can do for you: 
  • Trademark pre-filling search, advice and translation service;
  • Commodity, service, collective and certification trademark application;
  • Trademark opposition, non-use cancellation, invalidation, review and administrative appeal;
  • Trademark renewal, assignment recordal, change recordal and license recordal;
  • Re-issuance of trademark certificate, issuance of registration certification and issuance of priority document;
  • Long-term surveillance on trademark;
  • Services for trademark transaction.

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